What happened with M & M on CAM4?

After more than 9,5 years of camming on cam4 I moved to another website! The reason is that staff people from cam4 are very hypocritical and big assholes…

I will explain:

A while ago I asked them if its allowed to smoke and show weed while broadcasting. The answer was that anything is allowed, when it is in your country.

After that I thought its allowed and oke because I did broadcast so for more than 9,5 years on CAM4!! More than nine years on the same website is a long time…

It was always nice, till a few weeks ago…. Got banned from the website without reason. Send much emails and finally a short standard email back: “Because you are violating the terms”.

Mailed them back and no answers. So i send another email, no answer, and again an email…. Finally little anser back: “Because of weed…”.

So i’m broadcasting 9 years that, and than it’s not ok and i got banned. Not for a time, but permanently, without warning first…

Not possible to speak or get more explanation from cam4. Cam4 is not for human people any more, but for animals and assholes. People who treat people like this are not human….

If you are a human and like to broadcast, than my advice is to do that NOT ON CAM4…

I’m broadcasting here now with my friend: http://live.jongensuitholland.nl/
M1 – Maikel1981 = Maikel Holland
M2 – Mikey = Mikey Arnhem

If you want to broadcast on this website than you can register here.

See you soon back and don’t forget my twitter: @1981maikel & @HollandMaikel.