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Maikels Gaywebshop

Since 2005 I have my own gay webshop with more than thousands of horny gay items.

You can visit my gayshop in Dutch or English.

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Maikels Gay Chat

Horny gay men from around the whole world are in front of their webcam to let you enjoy!

All for free offcourse!

Visit the webcam chat box at http://chat.maikel1981.net

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Maikels Gaytube

My own GayTube channel.

Horny jerk movies by myself, sometimes with someone else as partner! 

Completely free! (but in Dutch only).

You can find my gaytube channel @ http://gaytube.maikel1981.net


Maikels Gaydating

My own gay dating site. Just because i like to have my own dating site and I like people to find a suitable partner for making fun in there live.

Dutch / Belgium users only!




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The last NET96 (dutch) gaymovies – NET69 = THE KING of porn from The Netherlands!

Escortboys in NL but also World Wide – A fucking nice gay date before you know!